7 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Choose From

7 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Choose From

Need a less expensive way to update your cabinets? Getting new cabinets but don’t want them to become quickly outdated? Whether you are buying new cabinets, completely changing the look of your current ones to spruce the kitchen up or just need a new look, choosing the right door style is the best way to ensure you achieve your design vision and get the most return on investment for your upgrade.

But with all the choices, how do you know the right style to choose?

Here are 7 Door Styles to consider:


Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

What is a flat panel cabinet style? We’ll keep it simple: kind of like this cabinet. The center ​panel​ of the ​door​ is ​flat​ rather than raised or contoured like many other cabinet styles. Why choose Flat Panel? ​For one, a flat panel cabinet creates sleek, clean designs. Whether you want to accomplish a traditional, transitional or modern, contemporary look; this cabinet is versatile enough to fit many design aesthetics.

Flat Panel


Slab Cabinet Kitchen Cabinets

A Slab style cabinet door is a single, unembellished, ungrooved piece of wood that is often categorized as a modern, contemporary design. It falls into the above flat panel style of door with a sleek, smooth look.
Slab Cabinet


Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most frequently recognized cabinet styles due to its popularity for many years, the Shaker style is back and more on-trend than ever. Just in case you aren’t familiar with this popular design, Shaker-style cabinets are modeled after the furniture designed by the extremely skilled craftsmen and carpenters known as the Shakers. These cabinets have a very unique style: the cabinet doors have recessed panels and minimal adornments and are best suited with natural finishes or light stains to enhance the wood. Another great option is a distressed finish to give this traditional style an appearance of age.

Shaker Style


Beadboard Cabinet Kitchen Cabinets

You may have seen beadboard as a part of the decor in a dining room or a living room, or you may even have it in your house as a way to add texture and warmth to a space instead of paint or wallpaper. While beadboard takes a standard room and adds something extra to it when using it as a design feature, (also often known as “Wainscoting”) when adding it as a kitchen cabinet style it can absolutely transform the space. While beadboard is a more cozy style used in traditional or farmhouse style homes, the bright tones and clean lines give it a clean, timeless feel.

Beadboard Cabinet


Accent Doors Kitchen Cabinets

An accent door is not usually used throughout an entire kitchen but is used as a decorative accent to accomplish a certain look in your design. This is most often accomplished with glass or mullion doors, but can also be created with leaded glass, louver doors, and aluminum frame doors.


Mullion-Style Kitchen Cabinets

A type of accent door, this cabinet style lends itself to a world of design options and style choices that can take your kitchen from bland to bold. This is one of our design favorites because even if you go as simple as just painting your cabinets or switching out the doors, this accent can give it a completely different look.




Arch Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most inexpensive and often most found cabinet door types is the arch. While it isn’t the most flashy or on-trend design style, it is a sturdy, long-lasting cabinet style that can withstand many years of changing trends.

With so many design choices, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to choose the perfect one to match the vision you have for your dream kitchen. Instead of doing endless hours of research, use our free 3D Design tool or schedule a free consultation with one of our talented designers to make remodeling or upgrading your space easy and effective.


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