Bathroom renovation is a fun and exciting proposition for homeowners who are eager to add value to their home. A typical Albuquerque shower remodel, for example, can add surprising value to a house.

This is especially true for those wishing to sell their property on the open market. From a standard rebath project to a comprehensive and total remodel, there is money to be made in Albuquerque and Santa Fe bathroom renovation. That said here are 8 useful and truly amazing ideas for remodeling a bathroom that are sure to add appeal and add value in general.

  1. New Fixtures
    Nothing really compares to the affordable option of changing out existing bathroom fixtures. This is an easy and cost effective way of changing the look a feel of a typical residential bathroom space.
  2. Refinish Cabinets
    Bathroom cabinets can often be salvaged during a remodel, saving homeowners a lot of money. New paint or stain is affordable. Best of all, the work can be done by the homeowner saving money on labor.
  3. Accent Tiles
    By simply adding a few accent tiles to an existing bathroom, a homeowner can transform the space in a unique, affordable and clever way. Getting creative in this fashion can be fun and interesting.
  4. Light Fixtures
    Adding unique and innovative lighting to a bathroom space is often the easiest way to take the space to a new and exciting level. There are so many fixtures available to those doing a remodel project that the possibilities are virtually endless.
  5. Upgrading A Medicine Cabinet
    No bathroom renovation project is complete until the medicine cabinet has be updated. There are so many attractive medicine cabinets on the market today that finding the perfect one is really quite easy.
  6. Counter Top Replacement
    As with a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel in Santa Fe stands to gain a lot from a new counter top. From granite to concrete and many other options, a new counter can add elegance and opulence beyond compare.
  7. Added Storage
    Adding storage in a Santa Fe bathroom renovation can be as simple as installing vanity draw dividers or trays. This is a functional and inexpensive way to make a space more usable.
  8. Window Treatment
    The final touch in any Albuquerque shower remodel or bathroom remodeling job is to add a true touch of class with great looking window treatments. This will serve to round out the finished project perfectly.