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Federal Tax Credit Coming to an End! BUY Solar by October

Getting Started with Solar Power *Federal Tax Credit Coming to an End! BUY Solar by October*

DID YOU HEAR? The 30% Federal Tax Credit is COMING TO AN END! Buy solar by October to capitalize on this opportunity!

The incredible deal being offered by the federal tax credit is coming to an end, and in order to get the deal you have to buy solar by October or earlier to MAXIMIZE your savings!

Are you ready to install solar in your home? Have you been thinking about it but aren’t sure where to start? Here are a few steps to getting started with Solar:

Check your roof. Because putting solar panels on your home may involve a roof installation, your first step should be checking the condition of your roof to see if you may need any repairs or if you need to replace your roof. This is key because replacing your roof AFTER the installation of solar panels will be difficult, especially because the warranty of most solar panels is 25 years!

Research your options. Did you know there are different kinds of solar? Depending on your home, your needs for power, your energy use and your budget, finding the right kind of solar panel that creates the greatest amount of power for the longest life span will ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Be sure to also look at the benefits provided by each kind of solar panel. Confused or overwhelmed by the choices? Let a solar expert at Poulin Solar Pro give you a FREE consultation today!

Look for a RELIABLE installer. One of the worst things that can happen with solar? Having it installed incorrectly and not maximizing your potential for the best savings and most energy. Reputable installation companies will be registered with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, have credentials from third party organizations like NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), or are certified installer partners of the manufacturers they represent.

Schedule an installation. After gathering quotes, reviews and having several companies look at your home, look at your space and quote the best options for you, choose a type of panel and a company to install it for you. It can take from 1-2 days to properly install and connect the panels, but after they are set up they become the easiest thing to manage in your home.

Still worried that solar panels are a huge undertaking or a massive investment? We’d love to talk about how you can make solar work with your home. Now is the best time to go solar, and making sure you do it before the solar tax credit goes away is crucial. Don’t let the sun set on your savings!

Compare and Contrast (Bathroom) Showdown

Warm and Wooden vs Bright and Modern

A battle as old as time… or at least as old as modern design.

Should you go warm with wood tones, or cool, bright and modern

While the design choice really depends on the overall look and feel of your home and the design aesthetic you are going towards, there are several beautiful choices with either design.

There are tons of difficult design options to choose from in not only your bathroom, but when it comes to kitchens, flooring and so much more.

So we’ve decided to start the #PoulinDesignShowdown! We will feature two bathrooms, tile options, flooring remodels or something else that we have recently completed and have YOU vote on which one you would choose. Be sure to join us on social to see which one everyone else is voting for and cast your vote!

Which one of these would you choose

Want a bathroom of your own like this? Get it in no time with a Poulin Design consultation here.

Top 3 Kitchen Trends to Pay Attention To

2019 has been the year of the kitchen. From two tones, to new technology to pink cabinets; kitchens have become a form of self expression in the home. But what trends should you pay attention to? Here are a few of our favorites that are taking the lead in home design, and will not only add a zest to your home, but will also improve the resale value – instead of taking away from it like so many trendy designs do.

What 3 Kitchen Trends should you pay attention to?

  1. Backsplash Feature Wall
    1. Feature wallpaper? A thing of the past. Let backsplashes guide you to the future. The kitchen backsplash has always been a fun place to add a pop of design or personality but also helps to tie the kitchen together. Making sure this fun backsplash also adds to the design style you are going for is crucial, so be sure to choose a timeless feature.
  2.  Moody Hues
    1.  If you haven’t seen the viral blue cabinets, two toned trend or the way colors in cabinets, appliances and tile have taken over the kitchen design world, be sure to follow us on Instagram. (link) Moody hues of deep blue, green and chocolate browns have replaced the stark white and grey modern trend to not only warm up the home but also create a kitchen design that is functional and beautiful.
  3. Benches in the Kitchen
    1. This is a bit less innovative than the above listed trends, as it is a trend that seems to be around to stay. Originating from tight kitchen spaces where seating needed to be optimized, benches have been becoming an integral part of a kitchen for years now. The difference now? The aren’t just for functionality, but for design and balancing the room out.

Which design trend do you love right now? Would you consider incorporating any of them into your home design? Need another boost or help creating your design vision? The skilled experts at Poulin Design Center would be thrilled to help you! Contact one today. Need additional design inspiration? We share beautiful designs, before and afters and crazy design trends on our social media.

PDC ReBath Remodeling Review

5 Major Mistakes When Remodeling

Stressed about an upcoming home remodel? Unfortunately, there isn’t a blueprint for the perfect home remodel but there are a few mistakes to avoid to help your remodel go as smoothly (and quickly) as possible.

Here are 5 Major Mistakes When Remodeling (that you should avoid)!

  1. Having Ideas, But Not a Clear Idea of Exactly What You Want!
    1. There are TONS of different places where you can consume content on the different ways to design your home, from what fixtures to use to what colors will increase your house value, to which granite will last longest. But the best way to get a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for? Working with a talented designer that will not only see your vision, but help guide your choices to exactly what you’re looking for!Poulin Design Center has several incredibly talented designers on staff, waiting to help you design the home you envision.
  1. Not Knowing What Your Remodel Will Look Like
    1. Have you had the option to see your remodel BEFORE it is built? Often times homeowners don’t know they have the option and are left to try to build from your mind. This can not only mis-align expectations but can also create something left to be desired when it comes to the overall design aspect. Luckily there are some amazing programs now that allow you to choose exactly what you’re looking for and bring your vision to life – leaving no questions about what the remodel will look like.
  1. Using Subcontractors
    1. If you’ve ever sourced Facebook for a tile guy, asked around for a plumber or spent hours finding the best cabinet installer; you know how cumbersome and time consuming that can be. Unfortunately, the sourcing of various subcontractors can also leave you with an expensive project, an extended timeline and subpar work. Even worse? When one subcontractor is late, doesn’t do their job correctly or creates a major issue it is a domino effect that holds up your project. This is the old, outdated way of remodeling that can leave your home torn up for months!
  1. Not having a Timeline
    1. Similar to above, having a timeline, deliverables and a schedule for every piece, as well as for every job in the remodel is key. Managing this can often times be overwhelming, which is why many homeowners turn to a trusted team like the one at Poulin Design Center (or Re-Bath) to ensure the job is done right and on time.
  1. Wasted Time Shopping
    1. Are you spending all your time flipping through catalogs and running around town looking for the right products? Don’t waste time or gas, instead head to 1 place where everything you need is hosted….like the Poulin Design Center in ABQ and SF. Instead of worrying about a remodeling nightmare, spending time trying to DIY or hating your space, trust your remodel with a team like Poulin Design Center.
Completed Project

5 Tips for Remodeling

Thinking about remodeling your home soon?

Not quite sure where to start in the remodel process or how to go about it the right way?

Worried about sinking money into a home without seeing a future ROI?

Remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful, messy or put you over budget. It can be a simple, straight-forward and easy to complete process when you have the right pieces and plan in place.

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a few insider secrets that will help you make it a successful project:

  1. Know Your Vision (and expectations)
    Having a plan when you start the remodel process is CRUCIAL. Having a solid vision and measurable expectations of what your space will look like following the completion is the number one way to be satisfied with your remodel. A great way to do that? Create a future 3D Design of what the remodel will look like.
Computer Generated
Completed Project
    Too often, practicality and functionality are overlooked and the different assets chosen for a remodel are not practical and take away from the value instead of adding to it. When choosing anything from fixtures to countertops make sure they can not only withstand the test of time and practical use, but also that they are cohesive with the value and style of your home. Whether you plan to sell in the future or not, a remodel project that is overzealous can end up being a hard sell and a huge loss.
  2. Know Your Style
    Does your current home have a distinct style? Maybe you’re starting from scratch with the style of your home or want to upgrade or change the current style?Here are a few tips for establishing a style during your remodel:a. Ask yourself, “What do I want to live with for another 5-10 years?”
    b. What is in line with current design trends?
    c. What will match the current style of my home?Not only do you have to live with the design if you stay in your home, if you DO decide to sell it has to be a design that makes a statement, while also amplifying the best assets of your home, without distracting from them. Need help accomplishing this? We’d love to give you a free consultation with one of our experts.
  3. Maximize Storage
    As much as we LOVE a concept that looks like a minimalist show-room, it ends up looking a lot worse in the end because without enough storage your space goes from clean and chic to cluttered and overwhelming in no time. An added bonus? Everyone wants to buy a home with a great kitchen with plenty of storage space.
    Maximize Storage
  4. Work with a TRUSTED team
    Last but certainly not least, work with a TRUSTED team. Working with a team that has years of experience, tons of trusted references and ample resources will make it easy to keep your remodel on track, on budget and create an easy remodel process. Want to take the remodel process off your plate completely? Let us help. From designing the space to executing the remodel, we can make your remodeling dreams a reality.

“We couldn’t be happier with our remodel of our kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining room by Poulin Design Center! They did an amazing job, and we just love the layout and design elements they incorporated into our design. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to remodel their home.”
– Debie Radcliff

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Solar Panel

Solar is the Future: 30% Federal Solar Tax Credits End In:

30% Federal Solar Tax Credits End In:

2019/12/30 23:59:59

Is solar the future? Whether you’re watching the news, scrolling past an Instagram ad or talking to a friend: it’s hard not to recognize that solar power is a trend that keeps gaining momentum. In addition to its growing popularity, solar is becoming even more mainstream, with everyone from your neighbor to your uncle installing solar panels to help them save money and the planet. But is solar really the future?

To answer that, let’s actually take a step back. Solar power is actually a much older concept than we realize…

Do you know how long solar power has been around?

Since ancient times, civilizations have been harnessing the power of the Sun. In fact, Egyptians and the Greeks had to plan months, if not years in advance to make their homes habitable during the winter.

But, with their knowledge of the sun’s seasonal position in the sky, many homes were strategically built to capture as much of the sun’s heating rays as possible during the day so that they would stay relatively warm during the night.​

So how long will solar be around in its modern-day formatting? Is it a fast fad? Will it fade in the future?

The answer is no. Solar is here to stay and being one of the first people on board will be extremely beneficial for you, and your wallet. (Not to mention the environmental benefits that come from utilizing the power of solar that only compound over time.)

As it stands now, the world only gets about 1% of its energy resources from solar; however, it is entirely feasible that in the next 30 years this percentage could skyrocket to as high as 27%.

But the biggest form of support for the future of solar comes from the Federal Tax credit that was approved by congress in 2015 that created a 5-year solar tax credit extension, which makes ​solar energy​ more affordable for all Americans.

What is the solar tax credit?

The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems, and there is no cap on its value.

Want to know how to utilize this credit? This credit was actually established over 10 years ago, but the extensions provided are meant to make solar energy more affordable and easy to access for consumers. Here is what the extension looks like:

  • 2016 – 2019: The tax credit remains at 30 percent of the cost of the system. This means that in 2019, you can still get a major discounted ​price for your solar panel system​.
  • 2020: Owners of new residential and commercial solar can deduct 26 percent of the cost of the system from their taxes.
  • 2021: Owners of new residential and commercial solar can deduct 22 percent of the cost of the system from their taxes.
  • 2022 onwards: Owners of new commercial solar energy systems can deduct 10 percent of the cost of the system from their taxes. There is no federal credit for residential solar energy systems

Additionally, in previous years, owners of new solar energy systems could not claim the tax credit unless their system was operational. Now, the legislation allows them to claim it as soon as the construction of the system is complete, as long as it is operational by December 31, 2023.

Do you want to take advantage of the Solar Tax credit? Now is the PERFECT time because Poulin Solar Pro is also running a Grand Slam Solar promotion giving you 20% off in addition to the 30%! Contact us today so you won’t miss this!


7 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Choose From

7 Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Choose From

Need a less expensive way to update your cabinets? Getting new cabinets but don’t want them to become quickly outdated? Whether you are buying new cabinets, completely changing the look of your current ones to spruce the kitchen up or just need a new look, choosing the right door style is the best way to ensure you achieve your design vision and get the most return on investment for your upgrade.

But with all the choices, how do you know the right style to choose?

Here are 7 Door Styles to consider:

Flat Panel
What is a flat panel cabinet style? We’ll keep it simple: kind of like this cabinet. The center ​panel​ of the ​door​ is ​flat​ rather than raised or contoured like many other cabinet styles. Why choose Flat Panel? ​For one, a flat panel cabinet creates sleek, clean designs. Whether you want to accomplish a traditional, transitional or modern, contemporary look; this cabinet is versatile enough to fit many design aesthetics.

Flat Panel

Slab Cabinet
A Slab style cabinet door is a single, unembellished, ungrooved piece of wood that is often categorized as a modern, contemporary design. It falls into the above flat panel style of door with a sleek, smooth look.
Slab Cabinet

Shaker Style
One of the most frequently recognized cabinet styles due to its popularity for many years, the Shaker style is back and more on trend than ever. Just in case you aren’t familiar with this popular design, Shaker style cabinets are modeled after the furniture designed by the extremely skilled craftsmen and carpenters known as the Shakers. These cabinets have a very unique style: the cabinet doors have recessed panels and minimal adornments and are best suited with natural finishes or light stains to enhance the wood. Another great option is a distressed finish to give this traditional style an appearance of age.
Shaker Style

Beadboard Cabinet
You may have seen beadboard as a part of the decor in a dining room or a living room, or you may even have it in your house as a way to add texture and warmth to a space instead of paint or wallpaper. While beadboard takes a standard room and adds something extra to it when using it as a design feature, (also often known as “Wainscoting”) when adding it as a kitchen cabinet style it can absolutely transform the space. While beadboard is a more cozy style used in traditional or farmhouse style homes, the bright tones and clean lines give it a clean, timeless feel.
Beadboard Cabinet

Accent Doors
An accent door is not usually used throughout an entire kitchen, but is used as a decorative accent to accomplish a certain look in your design. This is most often accomplished with glass or mullion doors, but can also be created with leaded glass, louver doors, and aluminum frame doors.

A type of accent door, this cabinet style lends itself to a world of design options and style choices that can take your kitchen from bland to bold. This is one of our design favorites because even if you go as simple as just painting your cabinets or switching out the doors, this accent can give it a completely different look.


One of the most inexpensive and often most found cabinet door types is the arch. While it isn’t the most flashy or on trend design style, it is a sturdy, long lasting cabinet style that can withstand many years of changing trends.

With so many design choices, it can be a bit overwhelming to try to choose the perfect one to match the vision your have for your dream kitchen. Instead of doing endless hours of research, use our free 3D Design tool or schedule a free consultation with one of our talented designers to make remodeling or upgrading your space easy and effective.

Bath Image

Transitioning Your Bathroom with Age

Are you planning on staying in your home at the end of your life? If you have made plans to stay in your home as you age, there are several things you need to consider to make it as comfortable and accessible as possible.

Did you know that ​along with kitchens, bathrooms are one of the spaces homeowners use the most?

They also happen to be the most dangerous area in the home, especially as you age because of increased dangers such as slips, poor lighting and difficulty accessing certain parts of your bathroom.

Want to create an age proof bathroom that will continue to be comfortable, stylish and easy to use for years to come?

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your bathroom enjoyable:

  1. Install a Shower Bench
    As you age, being able to sit and decrease the risks associated with showering (such as slipping and falling) is an important thing to incorporate when remodeling your bathroom. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a completely transitioned bathtub​​ or to simply add a shower bench and the proper accessibility tools.
  2. Install easy to use tools such as grab bars and detachable showerheads Accessibility is key when you are creating an “Age-Proof” bathroom that will meet your changing needs.
    These tools are extra important as they give you something for you to hold on to so you can safely navigate the space. ​Bonus tip: Grab bars are highly functional; they can also double as towel and robe racks.
    Grab Bar
  3. Trade your toilet out for one that is a bit taller
    If you’ve never considered the strain a toilet has on your back and knees, not to worry: it isn’t something we often consider in a standard bathroom layout. But if you are planning on transitioning your bathroom to an accessible bathroom, having a toilet that is easy to get up from will once again reduce risks of falls or injuries. Not to mention being easier on your body and joints.
  4. Choose features that will need LESS care and maintenance
    While your dream bathroom may have expansive slabs of marble or endless glass, considering what needs the smallest amount of care and maintenance will help prepare you for the years to come – especially when cleaning the glass you so carefully chose requires you to teeter on the side of the tub. Make sure everything going into this rehabbed bathroom is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to access. One example is to have fewer grout lines like Re-Bath Durabath
  5. Install an accessible tub
    There are plenty of great options when it comes to changing out your standard tub or walk-in shower for an accessible tub. For those with limited mobility, installing a walk-in tub or shower base with slip-resistant technology is a great safety solution. Want to learn more?
    PROTIP ​ : Make sure you hire someone with the right certifications and expertise to make this process an easy one. The easiest way? Hire a Certified Aging in Place Specialist like us! The average bathtub replacement is the same cost or less than a hip replacement – but a whole lot less painful
    Bath Image
    The best part about transitioning your old bathroom? Not only will it now be more accessible, but it will also have a refreshed, beautiful look that helps you to turn that space into an oasis.
Tariffs trickle down to remodels

URGENT: Tariffs trickle down to remodels- UPDATED

Dear Poulin Design Center Customer,
You may be aware that the federal government announced a tariff of 10% on certain flooring, countertop, kitchen cabinets, and raw material products imported to the U.S. from China, set into effect on September 24, 2018. In November of 2018 we took steps to hold pricing for you and many of you took advantage of it.

We understand that the second round of tariffs, originally schedule for January 1, 2019 have been delayed until March 1, 2019. If they are enacted, we fully expect to experience increases from our manufactures.

Because of the 2018 tariff, not only have we experienced price increases already, but we are seeing a second round of increases starting February 1, 2019.

Below is a list of the manufactures that have announced price increases, which will take effect as of February 1, 2019:

  • Kitchen Cabinets: Bellmont, Bertch, Omega, R.D. Henry- 8-12%
  • Flooring: Armstrong, Shaw, US Floors- 19%
  • Coutertops– Quartz- 19%
  • Plumbing Fixtures: Moen, Delta, Kohler- 12% increase

We value our relationship with you, and therefore we are taking a number of steps to mitigate the impact of this tariff on our product pricing where possible. If you have recently purchased a remodel project from us, your price is locked in- there will not be any change. If you have received a quote from us but have not purchased your remodel project yet, your price will be good until February 15, 2019.
We will be increasing our prices effective February 15, 2019. However, we are absorbing the tariff impact until February 15. After which, all of the affected product prices will increase.

Most of our products are assembled and manufactured in the United States. However, many of the components are shipped to the U.S. from China.

There are some products that are manufactured and exclusively made in the United States. We are also experiencing a price increase for theses products for the transportation and shipping, and increase in labor rates. These increases are also being passed on to us from the manufacturers.

While increased prices due to the imposition of the tariffs are unavoidable, we are taking every step we can to reduce the impact to our customers. In my 36 years as the owner of Poulin Design Center, the speed at which these price increases are happening is unprecedented. Our team stands ready to work with you to provide the best remodeling solutions.

For further reading on the tariff, see articles below:


Dining Room Flooring Ideas

Is your Albuquerque dining room in need of a complete flooring upgrade? With so many options to choose from, the decision-making process can be a little daunting! Nonetheless, it’s an exciting process to find the perfect flooring that best reflects your personality and interior design goals. Plus, new floors always add value to your home. Our design experts at the Poulin Design Center are here to share some of the most popular dining room flooring options below!

Timeless Hardwood

Hardwood flooring offers many benefits starting with its timeless classic beauty. Whether you opt for maple, oak, or pine, your floors can maintain their like-new finish up to a decade! Then simply refinish for another decade of classic beauty. In fact, hardwoods can last up to 50 years or longer when properly cared for. They are also incredibly versatile, and will match with various interior design styles in your dining room.

Stylish Ceramic Tile

Perhaps you love the classic appearance of tile flooring in your main living area. Ceramic tiling can be ordered in an endless variety of colors and sizes, ready to match your decor. If you love the look of wood but want more water resistance, ceramic tile is also available in wood-look aesthetics! Other benefits of tile are that it is easy to clean and never loses its luster. We recommend opting for a single style throughout your living area and using an area rug to highlight your dining area.

Low-Maintenance Laminate

Maybe you want the look of a wood floor but don’t have the budget for hardwoods. You might be surprised to find that many laminate floors can be installed in just a couple days while costing a fraction of hardwood or tile. They can last for up to 20 years and are water resistant. We love laminate in homes with pets or children for stylish durability.

Durable Vinyl

Another easy-to-care-for option is vinyl tile floors. They are a stain, scratch, and spill resistant flooring solution for busy homes. Plus, they are easy to install over existing subfloors with minimal preparation. Like ceramic, you can find them in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs able to reflect the look of wood, stone, and even bamboo!

Whatever your choice, your dining room flooring will look fabulous. Ask the experts at the Poulin Design Center for assistance in selecting the best choice for your Albuquerque home.

Photo © Dariusz Jarzabek

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