The Rage on Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Out of all the flooring that we sell to our clients—and we sell A LOT of it- our #1 selling flooring is…


Have you heard of this? There are many reasons we LOVE this flooring material, including that it is 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant! Wouldn’t you love to have the designer look of wood without the worry of ruining your floor with life’s messes?

Luxury Vinyl is also available in designer looks including ceramic, stone, and wood. It is embossed and registered so that the texture of the flooring comes to life with the many small details incorporated into the flooring look and feel. It is also warmer to the touch, unlike other tiles like ceramic.

AND… it is LOW MAINTENANCE! Since it is waterproof, this flooring requires basic maintenance—sweeping and mopping regularly. Use non-abrasive cleaners and be sure to clean up after any spills to ensure your flooring lasts and looks great for years to come!

So now you know WHY Luxury Vinyl is all the rage! Let’s talk about all the details that accompany this popular and durable flooring choice.

The two main terms for Luxury Vinyl

When it comes to this flooring type, there are two main ways to differentiating between LVT and LVP.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)- This type of flooring is designed to mimic ceramic tile or stone. LVT also is the common term for this whole category of flooring.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)- This flooring has the design looks of wood floors with all the added benefits of vinyl.

The CORE differences

Luxury vinyl is a HOT item in the flooring industry, and this product has evolved since coming to the market in the 1970s. Below are a few terms used to describe the type of flooring and its core, giving you different benefits.

  • Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) is a Single Polymer Foamcore made of calcium powder, PVC powder, and stabilizer. SPC along with WPC are considered rigid cores that are stronger and more durable. Since this core contains more limestone, it is slightly cooler to the touch and is denser and has a higher resistance to dents made by heavy furniture.
  • Waterproof Foamed Core (WPC) is an Expanded Polymer Foamcore comprised of normal LVT layers and a foaming agent. Due to the foaming agent in the core, it is more comfortable to walk for those on their feet all day and provides more noise reduction.

 Pro Design Tip

Flooring sets the tone for your room. BEFORE purchasing your flooring determine if you would like your flooring to be the main design element in your space or if you would like the furniture to be the dominant feature. Statement flooring contains more variation in the pattern lay and sets the ton for your entire space, determining what kind of furniture you will buy. If you’re furniture or décor is going to be the more dominant feature of the room, choosing a flooring that is more fluid would be best.

If you’re not sure what you’d like to do, check out Floorvana Plus where you can upload a photo of your room and see how various floors will look in that space.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is a lot to navigate through when selecting your Luxury Vinyl flooring for your home. It is best to work with an expert to help you with the various decisions to make on which core is best for your home and decide the right installation method—floating over the subfloor or glued down.

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Dining Room Flooring Ideas

Is your Albuquerque dining room in need of a complete flooring upgrade? With so many options to choose from, the decision-making process can be a little daunting! Nonetheless, it’s an exciting process to find the perfect flooring that best reflects your personality and interior design goals. Plus, new floors always add value to your home. Our design experts at the Poulin Design Center are here to share some of the most popular dining room flooring options below!

Timeless Hardwood

Hardwood flooring offers many benefits starting with its timeless classic beauty. Whether you opt for maple, oak, or pine, your floors can maintain their like-new finish up to a decade! Then simply refinish for another decade of classic beauty. In fact, hardwoods can last up to 50 years or longer when properly cared for. They are also incredibly versatile, and will match with various interior design styles in your dining room.

Stylish Ceramic Tile

Perhaps you love the classic appearance of tile flooring in your main living area. Ceramic tiling can be ordered in an endless variety of colors and sizes, ready to match your decor. If you love the look of wood but want more water resistance, ceramic tile is also available in wood-look aesthetics! Other benefits of tile are that it is easy to clean and never loses its luster. We recommend opting for a single style throughout your living area and using an area rug to highlight your dining area.

Low-Maintenance Laminate

Maybe you want the look of a wood floor but don’t have the budget for hardwoods. You might be surprised to find that many laminate floors can be installed in just a couple days while costing a fraction of hardwood or tile. They can last for up to 20 years and are water resistant. We love laminate in homes with pets or children for stylish durability.

Durable Vinyl

Another easy-to-care-for option is vinyl tile floors. They are a stain, scratch, and spill resistant flooring solution for busy homes. Plus, they are easy to install over existing subfloors with minimal preparation. Like ceramic, you can find them in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs able to reflect the look of wood, stone, and even bamboo!

Whatever your choice, your dining room flooring will look fabulous. Ask the experts at the Poulin Design Center for assistance in selecting the best choice for your Albuquerque home.

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Tile Highlight: A Look at Porcelain Tile

Tile Highlight: A Look at Porcelain Tile

Whether you are building a new home in Albuquerque, or just remodeling your existing one, the decisions you make about your floors can have a lasting impact. You want the design to be aesthetically pleasing, and you want your floors to be durable for years to come. With factors like wear and tear from your family and pets, porcelain tile flooring comes through as a strong candidate. The Poulin Design Center is ready to transform your bathroom or kitchen from start to finish, so you can have the home of your dreams!

Benefits of Porcelain Tile in Albuquerque

  1. Durability: When installed by a trained professional, porcelain tile floors are among the most durable and often last 20 years or more.
  2. Easy Maintenance: Porcelain tile is easy to care for, and is resistant to stains, fading, dirt, allergens, and odors.
  3. Versatility: The exceptional variety of porcelain tile flooring allows you to let your creativity shine or you can choose a more traditional option.

New Mexico Trends in Tile Flooring

One of the great things about having a lot of leeway with your tile flooring is that you can let your personality shine when you are having your floor installed. You can choose to follow popular trends, or you can find a way to use those trends to help guide your own style. Our design team makes sure each redesign is customized to specific desires and needs of a client’s project, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Get Creative with Mosaics

One popular trend right now is to use tiny mosaic tiles. While the use of traditional southwest colors is always a popular option, mixing different patterns in a more subdued color scheme can successfully blend a classic look with a bit of Albuquerque flair.

Wood-Look Tile

Not only is it possible to be creative with the pattern of your tile, but you also have many options when it comes to texture and overall look. For example, hardwood is always a popular look, especially in living rooms or family rooms, but can be hard to care for. With wood-look tile, you get the look and feel of hardwood but with the benefits of porcelain tile!

Choosing Your Texture

Porcelain tile doesn’t always have to be smooth or glossy- you can choose a porcelain option that has texture incorporated into the design! There are pros and cons to either option. Smoother floors tend to be easier to clean, while those with a slightly rougher surface are less slippery, and are good for places such as bathroom showers. Our team will help you brainstorm ideas on what type to choose, and give you plenty of options to pick from so that you ultimately make the best choice for you and your family.

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Top 4 Classic Kitchen Flooring Trends

Top 4 Classic Kitchen Flooring Trends

Options for kitchen flooring are virtually limitless today. Such innovations in the industry have led to different kitchen flooring trends and there is now an array of choices that offer different benefits for your Albuquerque home. There are also some classic choices that have held up through the test of time and are worth considering for your kitchen remodel.

Here are four classic kitchen flooring trends to consider:

1.   Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood doesn’t always work well in the kitchen since it can be exposed to a lot of water and become damaged. However, these days there are quality sealants that can improve the ability of hardwood to withstand water. Hardwood is an option that will always be in style! If you’re looking to spruce things up with a trendy option, try a whitewash, gray, or light brown wood.

2.   Engineered Hardwoods

If you want the look of hardwood, but feel like solid wood is too much of an investment, engineered hardwood can be a good alternative! Engineered hardwood is extremely durable thanks to its plywood core and it is easier to install than solid hardwood. This is a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality, low-maintenance flooring material.

3.   Innovative Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Floors

Porcelain and ceramic tile have long been popular kitchen floor trends, but today’s options are more creative and resilient than ever before. Beyond the traditional color schemes and patterns of the past, there are tiles that closely resemble wood grains and some even have textures that provide a greater realistic feel to the touch. Popular hues right now are distressed espressos, grays, and whites.

4.   Luxury Vinyl Options

By far, luxury vinyl flooring is a top runner when it comes to kitchen flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring can resemble wood, tile, or marble to offer a contemporary or traditional look. Vinyl floorings benefits include its water resistance, realistic feel and the fact that it can feature a cork underlayment for cushioning. Furthermore, it can be installed directly over most types of floors as long as the floor is flat and solid.

If you’re looking for the hottest flooring trends in Albuquerque and top-quality service, contact our team at the Poulin Design Center today! We’ll get you started with a free in-home estimate.

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Natural Stone Flooring

Stylish Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the main gathering points of your Albuquerque home, and it’s important to create a space that’s both visually appealing and resistant to damage. The Poulin Design Center has compiled some unique tile ideas to spruce up your kitchen!

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone isn’t limited to countertops. This is a durable and beautiful option for kitchen flooring! The stunning colors and patterns of natural stone will create an effortless sense of elegance. Marble tile is an excellent option to give your kitchen a sense of luxury, while slate or granite tile will create an understated, natural, and elegant vibe.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile

For multi-purpose durability, porcelain tile is perfect. Porcelain tile is able to withstand damage and daily wear-and-tear. It’s completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about spills or stains. Porcelain is also a low-maintenance option, making cleaning up every day messes a simple and streamlined task. Porcelain tile gives you a versatile array of options when choosing style. It can even be designed to look like stone or wood. Porcelain tile allows you to customize color, pattern, texture, and tile shape, and can be used to create any look or match any decor.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Glass Tile Backsplash

Bring a touch of color to your kitchen with a glass tile backsplash. This versatile option will allow you to get creative with colors and patterns. Glass tile is a stunning option that absorbs and reflects light, guaranteeing a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a classic pattern, and a perfect way to add understated visual appeal to your home. This elegantly simple upgrade from regular tiles is perfect as a backsplash. Don’t hesitate to play around with color and texture to spruce up your kitchen even further. White subway tiles are stunning and minimal, but mixing and matching colors can add personal flair.

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Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Tiles – Everything You Need to Know

Terracotta tiles are making a comeback in the design world! Many Albuquerque homeowners love the warm, earthy look of terracotta tiles and the inviting charm they add to a home.

What Is Terracotta?

Terracotta is a natural material that has been used in a wide range of applications throughout history, including pottery and architecture. It’s made from fired red-brown clay, resulting in a striking tone that is warm and natural. The tiles may be unfinished or finished with a matte or glossy glaze. Terracotta tiles can work well for many homes and give a room definitive character.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing terracotta tiles for your home:


  • Terracotta is a strong, durable material that is also naturally resistant to mold and bacteria. These tiles can last for decades when they’re installed properly! Because they are naturally porous, these tiles should be professionally sealed to hold up against stains, scratches, and moisture.
  • Terracotta tiles are good for both indoor and outdoor use since they’re so durable. They can work well for a living room, enclosed porch, kitchen, or outdoor patio.
  • Terracotta is an excellent material to use to create a rustic look in your home. It gives a beautiful earthy feel to a space that is hard to replicate with other materials.


  • Since terracotta is a natural material, tiles may slightly differ in color, which may not be desirable to everyone. However, some homeowners like the way these color variations create a unique artistic look!
  • Terracotta is very porous and can absorb liquid quickly, so it won’t last as long if it’s not sealed. It may even crack or deteriorate if unsealed.
  • Terracotta requires some extra maintenance when used in high-moisture rooms like bathrooms. Since it’s so porous, terracotta can be easily damaged and stained if the sealant fades away, so it’s imperative that it is resealed appropriately.

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Where to Add Wood-Look Tile

Where to Add Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look tile is gaining more and more traction in the design world. It seems the wood-look tile varieties are here to stay.  And it’s easy to see why; they are easy to maintain and they can add this beautiful, natural texture to your home’s design. So where can you add these tiles in your Albuquerque home? Here are a few ideas from the experts at the Poulin Design Center.

Kitchen Flooring

Wood-look tile is easy to keep clean which makes it s a wonderful choice for kitchen flooring. Any spills can simply we mopped or wiped up with warm water. Go for a wider plank, larger tile size to minimize the amount of grout.

Shower Tile

The shower is the perfect place to feature tile and wood-look tile finally makes it possible to have the natural grain pattern of wood accents in the shower. Tile the whole wall of the bathroom, half the wall or just keep the tile in the shower; it’s up to you!


More and more homeowners are looking for contemporary options when it comes to backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom. Wood-look tile works wonderfully as a backsplash, but watch out for adding too much wood to your design. Make sure your countertops and cabinets are not another competing tone of wood in the design.


Frame your fireplace with stunning tile work.  Lighter wood-look tile works particularly well in this instance as you want your tile around a fireplace to reflect light and amplify the warm ambiance in the room.

Utility Room Or Entryway

When you first enter your home you’re bringing in dirt and debris from outside! It’s essential to get the flooring material right in the entryway. Often homeowners want the look of hardwoods, but wood-look tile will actually hold up better in an everyway.

Ready to have wood-look tile in your home? Give us a call today and we’ll go over the options and styles available. We look forward to helping you get stunning new wood-look tile in your Albuquerque home!

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3 Popular Hardwood Flooring Species

3 Popular Hardwood Flooring Species

When you’re in the market for hardwood floors it may be difficult to narrow down the vast array of options. Sometimes it helps to have a starting place and examine what other homeowners typically choose. Here are three of the most popular hardwood flooring species that may be the right choice for your Albuquerque home.


Oak is grown right here in the USA and it is a very popular flooring choice. The uniform grain pattern gives you a beautiful look for any room in the home.  You can choose to have red or white oak installed in your home. The great thing about oak is that is can be stained to virtually any shade you’d like. Want a red hue, or a bright blonde? How about a dark rich espresso tone? With oak you can have it all and you get the great durability of this species. Oak won’t be denting easily anytime soon with a janka hardness score of 1290.



Another popular option in the hardwood flooring world is walnut. Walnut is often installed in wider planks to show off the beautiful tone of the wood. It can also be hand-scraped to give your home a wonderful elegant, yet rustic feel. If you’re looking for a darker flooring option in your Albuquerque home be sure to take a look at some walnut samples. You’ll see why many homeowners choose to add walnut hardwoods to their homes!



Some people love when a hardwood floor has a variety of shades and a very distinctive grain pattern. If you’re in that camp, then hickory hardwoods could be just what you’re looking for. Unparalleled durability will be yours with hickory as the janka score is 1820. With hickory hardwoods your design will have some nice variety as the hardwood flooring might vary by 8-10 shades from plank to plank.

Ready for gorgeous hardwood flooring in your Albuquerque home? Give us a call today to set up your free design consultation!

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5 Flooring Options for Entryways

5 Flooring Options for Entryways

Flooring is important everywhere in the home, but it’s especially critical to get it right when it comes to the entryway. The floors in an entryway can be subjected to a lot of foot traffic. As a result, you want flooring that can handle this and still look beautiful for decades to come. Today, we share some flooring options that are perfect for entryways.

Wood-Look Tile

Many homeowners choose wood-look tile to fill their entryway flooring needs.  The great thing about wood-look tile is that the style options are endless. Go for a cool grey look, or a simple, bright larger, rectangular tile. The wood-look image gives the tile a warmer tone and creates a welcoming first impression in your home.

Natural Stone

Stone flooring is an excellent entryway option. Many homeowners choose to feature a more expensive option in the entryway, since usually the square footage is lower. Go for marble, slate, or granite flooring to really make a statement and wow your guests!

Ceramic Tile

Tile looks great in the entryway and it is easy to keep clean. Simply sweep every few days to keep debris at bay. Ceramic Tile is also great at handling traffic and comes in many styles that mimic the look of natural stone. Larger, rectangular tiles are particularly popular in Albuquerque homes.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the perfect flooring for anyone who wants to minimize the maintenance and upkeep required. With vinyl flooring you will not have to worry about scratching, denting, or scuffing. These tiles or planks are heavy duty and will not damage easily. If you have a larger area to re-floor vinyl will also help you to save on materials.

Solid Hardwoods

Solid hardwood flooring is featured in many homes in the entryway and throughout the home. This classic flooring choice isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It’s a great option for making a great first impression in your home. Be sure to use a few rugs to help protect the floor a bit as hardwoods can be scratched and dented when not properly cared for.

Ready to get the entryway flooring you’ve always wanted?  Give the experts at the Poulin Design Center a call today to get started with a free design consultation.

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Dark Hardwood Flooring

There’s something so cozy and inviting about dark hardwood flooring. This flooring can give your home a regal and sophisticated look. Many species can be stained to achieve this look. Today on the blog we outline some of the common species Albuquerque homeowners use to achieve dark hardwood flooring.


Oak is incredibly durable and is one of the most common species of hardwood flooring that is installed in America. Oak also takes stain well and can be added to your home in an engineered variety or finished and stained on site. Oak is known for providing a great uniform grain pattern that creates a perfect, simple backdrop for the rest of the room’s design.


Hickory hardwoods have been growing in popularity. When you’re looking for a hardwood that can stand up to foot traffic, hickory should definitely be in the running with a Janka score of 1820. Hickory will provide a beautiful varied grain pattern that will show through to a certain degree even when the flooring is stained darker. This will give your floor a beautiful, complex texture.


Many homeowners choose walnut flooring in their Albuquerque home. Walnut has a wonderful golden, warm natural hue. When walnut is stained it can maintain that rich beauty for your home. Lately a trend of wider plank walnut has been catching on–this shows off the somewhat rustic appeal of the species.

Many hardwood species can give you the dark hardwood you’re looking for.  You can also consider installing birch hardwoods or maple hardwoods. If you’re looking for a more warm, reddish hue, consider adding in cherry hardwoods!

The best way to truly make any flooring decision is with a free design consultation. Give the Poulin Design Center a call today and we will send our mobile showroom to you! We are committed to providing an excellent experience from start to finish.

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