With a bathroom remodel you are able to totally reinvent your bathroom from the ground up. The experts at the Poulin Design Center can help you through all of the decisions you’ll make to get the bathroom of your dreams! Here are some tips when choosing colors for your bathroom.

Bright Colors for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are generally smaller rooms in your home, so it’s only natural to gravitate towards brighter colors. Bright colors like whites, yellows, blues, and greens will help to make your bathroom feel like less of a closet and more of a stylish, well-decorated oasis. Remember it’s all about balance, so while you may love every color in the rainbow, it’s important to focus on two or three colors for your bathroom redesign. Consider pairing pale yellow wall paint with spring green tile, for example.

Darker Colors for Contrast in Bathroom Design

Sometimes homeowners are afraid to opt for dark colors in the bathroom. You don’t want the room to appear gloomy. However, when paired with the appropriate contrasting accent colors, dark colors can create a luxurious and modern look. For example, you can install black granite countertops but soften the color scheme by adding in cabinets with a natural wood tone. Also, don’t be afraid to go after the classic black and white color combination.

Introducing Patterns in Bathroom Design

When it comes to patterns, you don’t want to have too many things competing for your eye. Often the accessories in the bathroom are a great way to add in a pattern. Look towards the shower curtain, the towels, or, the flooring! Have you always wanted a colorful mosaic in your shower? Do you want a different color of tile edging the perimeter of the room? If you can dream it up, our design team can make it happen!

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Photo: Mr Interior