Compare and Contrast (Bathroom) Showdown

Warm and Wooden vs Bright and Modern

A battle as old as time… or at least as old as modern design.

Should you go warm with wood tones, or cool, bright and modern

While the design choice really depends on the overall look and feel of your home and the design aesthetic you are going towards, there are several beautiful choices with either design.

There are tons of difficult design options to choose from in not only your bathroom, but when it comes to kitchens, flooring and so much more.

So we’ve decided to start the #PoulinDesignShowdown! We will feature two bathrooms, tile options, flooring remodels or something else that we have recently completed and have YOU vote on which one you would choose. Be sure to join us on social to see which one everyone else is voting for and cast your vote!

Which one of these would you choose

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