Kitchen Design Trends of 2016

Now that the holiday season is upon us, many Albuquerqueans find themselves reflecting on this last year: the places they visited, the people they met, and the experiences they had. It’s a time of reflection for us too. At the Poulin Design Center, we stay up to date on all of hottest trends. Here are our thoughts on the kitchen design trends of 2016.

Bigger Contrast

A big trend of 2016 was incorporating more contrast into your kitchen’s aesthetic. We saw many kitchens with white cabinets, black granite countertops, and warm hardwood floors. This design serves to juxtapose the man-made with the natural. We also saw a growth in the popularity of contrasting textures. To add a rustic element to a contemporary or modern kitchen, many homes incorporate a unique tile backsplash in porcelain mosaic or colorful glass.

The Smart Kitchen

In our increasingly digital world, it is not surprising that the technology we keep in our pockets is migrating to the kitchen. “Smart” kitchen appliances add many conveniences to our daily lives. Say goodbye to the grocery list; new refrigerators are commonly equipped with internal cameras so you can see what you need to buy when you’re at the grocery store. Motion activated faucets cut down on germs. Internet-connected ovens and microwaves can ping your smartphone when your food is cooked. As technology progresses, more and more appliances will be connected to the “Internet of Things”.

Nordic Style

A nod to 1960s modern style, we saw many kitchens incorporating Nordic design elements. Bright color palates, minimalistic décor, and midcentury modern furniture are all hallmarks of Nordic Style. In these warm, brightly lit spaces, style follows function. Cabinets are often swapped with open wall shelving. Clutter is replaced with a sense of simplicity.

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