Considering adding laminate flooring to your Albuquerque home?  The experts at the Poulin Design Center know the ins and outs of all flooring types including laminate! Here are some pros and cons to consider before you choose to install laminate:


Laminate flooring is a very inexpensive when it comes to materials.  You aren’t paying for a solid piece of hardwood; instead laminate mimics the look of hardwood with a high-resolution photograph that is covered with a protective clear overlay.

Even though laminate isn’t solid wood, it can still be made to look more like natural wood. Decorative touches such as beveled edges create a natural appearance similar to what you would find on many hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring choices.

Laminate comes in every color and style imaginable!  Whatever design ideas you have, laminate can provide the perfect flooring component to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom design!

With solid hardwood flooring it’s important to be mindful of moisture and potentially humidity damage.  However, with laminate flooring this is not a concern; the top layer of laminate flooring is water resistant.


Laminate is very durable, but after years of regular wear and tear, you may find the edges of the laminate starting to look a little rough.  Solid hardwood provides the option of sanding a refinishing up to 7-10 times which helps to erase any damage.

Some homeowners view solid hardwood flooring as a long-term investment that will offer beautiful flooring for decades.  Laminate will usually last about 20-25 years before you’ll want to replace it.

Warping can be an issue with laminate flooring.  Pools of standing water on laminate can result in the edges of the flooring becoming warped and eventually the flooring needing replacement.  The water resistant layer on top is not impermeable, so you’ll want to clean up any spills quickly.

Ready to see if laminate is right for you?  Call the Poulin Design center today for a free consultation!

Photo: Patryk Kosmider