One of the many services Poulin Design Center offers to New Mexico homeowners is bathroom remodeling through Re-Bath. Re-Bath offers the cutting edge in bathroom remodeling, providing you with quick installation of new showers, baths, floors, and countertops in top quality materials that will be both easy to clean and beautiful.

You can get a total bathroom remodel with Re-Bath, or you can choose to upgrade just one component, like your bath or shower. There are a range of options suited to every consumer, so here is an overview of your bath and shower choices.

Your first option is to simply replace your old, outdated bathtub or shower. Your new Re-Bath tub or shower won’t be just a new version of what you have, though. It’s much better than that. All Re-Bath shower bases and bathtubs are made out of SSP, or Solid Surface Polymer, a material far superior to traditional acrylic, fiberglass, pressed steel, and cast iron. Unlike these materials, SSP is easy to clean, warm instead of cold, and will always look shiny and brand new.

You can do more than simply replacing the shower or tub base itself. You can also choose to remodel the walls around your shower or bathtub. Re-Bath offers both SSP or natural stone for wall surrounds, and both are excellent choices for their natural resistance to mold and mildew and both come in a wide variety of colors. Poulin’s Re-Bath is the best place for a natural stone remodel in your bathroom because our natural is both stronger and lighter than the natural stone other companies use. If you’d prefer a tiled look to a smooth one, choose SSP. Even our SSP tiles are grout less, which means they are so much easier to keep clean than what you’re used to.

But Re-Bath at Poulin isn’t all about just getting a more attractive bathroom. Depending on your needs, you might want to change your current bathtub or shower setup, and Poulin can absolutely help you with that. Do you never use your bathtub, or are you worried that stepping into it could lead to a fall? Get a shower instead, with Re-Bath’s tub to shower conversion, which will replace your old bathtub with a beautiful, glass-door shower with a slip-resistant base and option safety bars and seats. Or, maybe you can no longer use a traditional bathtub but would love to be able to take baths again. Re-Bath can make that possible with a walk-in tub, complete with the latest safety features.

Poulin Design Center can help you decide which of these options is best for your home with a free consultation. Your first step toward added convenience and luxury in your bathroom is only a click away.