During our training as a Certified Aging in Place specialist, we learned that over 80% of the falls in your home are from getting in and out of your bathtub!

There is also research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that your bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in your entire home.

Data like this is astounding when you consider that your bathroom is generally considered a place of rejuvenation—not a place to have that kind of accident that can send you to a hospital.

With thousands of bathroom remodels under our belts, we have a lot of experience in making our customer’s bathrooms SAFER.

Below are our TOP WAYS to improve the bathroom SAFETY or your home.

Convert Your Tub to a Shower

Are you a shower person? If so, converting your tub to a shower may be a great option for you, along with thousands of our customers who have “ditched” the tub.

The switch can help reduce falls and gives you the option of varying shower pan thresholds to step over:

  • Standard threshold—easy to step over, especially if you don’t suffer from any physical injuries that could make the step harmful.
  • Low Threshold—this height is the ADA standard for those with disabilities. This threshold is lower to the ground and is great for those stepping out of a wheelchair or walker.
  • Curbless—this even surface rids your shower of trip hazards and complies with ADA accessibility standards.

Don’t forget to opt for hygienically sound shower pan products such as Re-Bath Durabath SSP or custom Corian shower bases. These are non-porous, low maintenance and easy-to-clean.

For additional safety purposes, a slip guard can be added to reduce falls.

Walk-In Bathtubs

What if you love your time relaxing in a bathtub? Instead of “ditching” the tub, you can keep your tub and add grab bars, OR update to a walk-in bathtub. Besides bathing in this type of tub most models come complete with air jets, heated seats, aromatherapy, ozone therapy, chroma therapy, and more.

This option is a SAFE bathing experience for everyone and planning for future needs.

Consider Handheld Showerheads

The technology of showerheads has greatly improved and there’s no need for you not to have a showerhead that doesn’t suit your needs.

You can choose from handhelds from all varieties for your showering needs—stationary, detachable, and located in convenient locations. There are designs for people with special needs, including palm showerheads which are great if you’re facing grip issues such as arthritis.

And, wouldn’t a handheld showerhead make it easier to clean your area than a bucket of water and a sponge?

Consider the way that would make your showering needs better and if installing a handheld showerhead is applicable for your situation.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are useful in tubs, showers and around the home. They can be multi-functional and stylish when added to your showering space. Grab bars with function gives you the opportunity to store your bare necessities for your shower and provide safety. Check out the photos below for ideas for your shower or tub.

Shower Seating

If your space allows, a seat is a MUST for safety. It provides a relaxing experience and built-in safety for current and future needs.

Shower seats are especially useful for those with physical limitations from standing long periods of time and are an asset when recovering from surgery, providing a secure way to bathe.

Seats come in many shape and sizes depending on your needs: fold down, bench seat, corner seat, and removable seat.

And don’t forget your footrests for shaving!

Final Thoughts

As you consider any of these updates, think about WHO will be using the bathroom. Do you want it safer for your aging parents that have moved back into your home? For you and your spouse as you retire? OR just for an all-around functional space with added safety features for your own peace of mind.

As our Design Center Manager, Laurene Johnson, likes to say:

“Plan for the here and now with your future safety needs in mind.”

For more ideas for bathroom design and features, visit our bathroom page here.