Warm Kitchen Flooring Option

The kitchen is where many homeowners end up spending a lot of time. You want you kitchen to be a place that is not simply used to prepare food but also offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. That’s where flooring comes into play. The flooring in a room sets the tone for the whole room.  Here are some warm flooring options that make your kitchen a bright and cheerful zone in your Albuquerque home.

Classic Hardwoods

Hardwood flooring works really well in the kitchen. The natural tone of the wood can fit in beautifully with contrasting countertop, cabinet, and backsplash choices. To warm up any species of hardwood simply choose a finish that will reflect light and not darken the wood too much. Consider options with reddish hues such as cherry or hickory hardwoods.

Rectangular Tiles in Cream or Grey

Rectangular tile is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Homeowners love how these tiles make a space look clean, elegant and chic. Go for a bright wood-look tile, or choose from the many varieties that mimic natural stone. Porcelain tile is a great, affordable flooring option for the kitchen.  It’s easy to clean and will really warm up your kitchen design.

Cork Flooring

Looking for a natural material that is soft and warm underfoot? We often are on our feet in the kitchen and that is why cork flooring is becoming so popular. The natural bounce of the floor will be incredibly comfortable and it is surprisingly resistant to spills and stains.  Best of all, if you drop your favorite coffee mug, chances are it will survive the impact on your cork kitchen floor.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is great in the kitchen. It is warmer than tile or stone and it can offer a pretty convincing alternative that helps you save on materials.  Consider installing vinyl plank flooring to get the look of hardwoods, or have us install vinyl tiles with grout lines. Either option will provide you with a kitchen floor that is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. There is a huge variety of options available, so you can find the style that fits with your home.

Natural Stone Floors

Stone flooring has stood the test of time. Seriously, there are buildings out there with stone floors that have been around for many, many decades.  If you’re looking for a floor that will last, stone is an excellent choice. Stone is available in many natural earth tones that will add warmth to any design. For example add in travertine or a lighter variety of slate flooring.

Remember warming up your kitchen design doesn’t stop with the flooring. Be sure to select cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and lighting that will warm up the space too. When you have all of these elements in play together your kitchen will be a relaxing and comforting place in the home.

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Photo: John Wollwerth